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Scooter Batteries For Qingqi, Taishan & Geely Scooters

What is Electrolyte?

Due to postal regulations we do not ship the Electrolyte with the battery. Please don't just put water in it. Electrolyte is a fancy name for battery acid. Electrolyte can be purchased from most Auto Parts Stores for a few bucks.


Electrolyte is very corrosive and will burn the skin. Use eye and skin protection when handling Electrolyte!

Filling Your New Battery

If you look at the side of the battery you will notice two fill level lines on the side. Fill the battery with the electrolyte (acid) until it is between the lines. .Be careful when doing this because the acid is very corrosive and will burn the
skin. Let the battery sit for about 30 minutes to stabilize


Remember to remove the small red vent cap

Installing Your New Scooter Battery
  1. Make sure the ignition switch is turned off and remove the key.
  2. Make a note of what color wire is on the positive (+) and negative (-) terminal of the battery
  3. Disconnect the wires from your old battery and remove the battery from your scooter.
  4. Install your new battery and connect the wires
  5. Use the electric starter to start the scooter. If your scooter does not start within 10 seconds of using the starter please kick start it.
Battery Care and Maintenance

I have seen so many good batteries go bad from being over charged and boiled dry with a automotive battery charger. In most cases the scooter will keep the battery charged, but if the scooter sits without use for more than 10 days (less time in cold weather) you will need to use a charger on it to keep the battery in good shape. If you need a charger we have one here battery_charger.htm that you can leave connected to the battery for days (not recommended) without damage.

One you have filled the battery with Electrolyte you can used distilled water to top off the battery as needed.

12N4-3B max charge rate 600mah



Engine Model # Location
Scooter How To Tips

Repair Documents

4 Stroke

Document Index
Air Filter
Cam chain & Chain Tensioner
GY6 50cc Carburetor 139QMB 
Deni Carburetor
Center Stand
Crankcase Right Cover
Crankcase Right & Left
Cover Breather & Cover Shroud
Cylinder Cover

CVT Pulley

Electric Starter
Electrical System
Gas Tank
Head & Valves
Kick Start
Oil Pump
Rear Axel Transmission
Stator Coil
Transmission Cover

Repair Documents

2 Stroke

Document Index
Air Filter
Battery & Coil
Crankcase Cover
Crank Shaft
Center Stand
Electric Starter
Fan & Fan Cover
Front Clutch
Gas Tank
Kick Start
Might Carburetor
Oil Pump
Rear Axel & Sprocket
Stator Coil



4 Stroke

General Maintenance Index
Cable Routing
Chassis Lubrication
Component Location 1
Component Location 2
Component Location 3
Component Location 4
Oil Change
Technical Tips

Wiring Diagrams
TS50QT 2 Stroke
TS50QT- 4 Stroke

Trouble Shooting
Battery Problems
Engine Will Not Start
Engine Has No Power
No Spark
Oldsmar FL 34677

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Chinese scooter parts

Chinese scooter parts
Scooter Parts
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Scooter Parts
parts for scooters